About Us

About Us

Chapter Officers 2023—2025

RegentStacey Bassett
First Vice RegentLori Fallace
Second Vice RegentBeverly Mediate
ChaplainJoanne Whitener
Recording SecretaryMelody Cavicchi
Corresponding SecretaryGayle Lovato
TreasurerSheila Ralph
Assistant TreasurerErin Smith
RegistrarKatherine Nowlin
LibrarianCourtney Taliaferro
ParliamentarianKecia Brown

Organizing Article“On April 5, 1950, twelve organizing members, with a goodly company of interested women, met … to perfect the organization of Ketoctin Chapter NSDAR, the first such organization ever to be in Loudoun County, based not alone upon pride of ancestry, but which endeavors to preserve the heritage of freedom and opportunity, procured by the labors and sacrifices of those ancestors.” ~ Martha McComb, Founding Regent


Whitehall Estate, location of the first Ketoctin Chapter NSDAR meeting, and home of founding Regent, Martha K. McComb.

Organizing Officers & Charter Members


Organizing MembersCharter Members
Martha K. McComb, RegentMary H. Armstrong
May Lodge Ball, Vice RegentHelen D. Bosley
Helen M. Pancoast, Recording SecretaryJosephine Cooksey
Matilda C. Grille, TreasurerArleigh C. Crooker
Katherine F. Hirst, RegistrarBessie M. Hackley
Margaret C. Brown Dorothy I. Hawthorne
Nannie S. M. Cockey Louise P. Hawthorne
Martha O. Cockerill Catherine Head
Martyne B. Kidd Margaret Jacobs
Dixie L. Lake Dorthea E. Kamp
Louise I. Sprague Lillian M. Kirkwood
Maidlin I. Virts (Buckner) Marie L. Main
Louis-Deane Mayer
Maizie McFarland

Past Regents

1950-1952—Martha K. McComb 1985-1987—Janet M. Reed
1952-1954—Mariel L. Main 1987-1989—Mary K. Hubbard
1954-1956—Louise P. Hawthorne 1989-1993—Joan B. Shelton
1956-1959—Eleanor S. Akin 1993-1995—Victoria B. (Raabe) Daly
1959-1961—Eula T. Warner 1995-1997—Jacqueline E. Moison
1961-1963—Nell W. Grove 1997-1999—Marian B. Sweet
1963-1965—Louise I. Sprague 1999-2002—Terri A. Coleman
1965-1966—Helen D. Bosley 2002-2004—Gail A. Adams
1966-1967—Hazel T. Allyn 2004-2006 —Patricia H. Miller
1967-1969—Patience A. Purcell 2006-2008—Wanda G. English
1969-1971—Louise P. Hawthorne 2008-2010—Joan A. Whitener
1971-1973 —Shirley L. Rucker 2010-2012—Teresa M. McCarthy
1973-1975—Kathryn S. Mackey2012-2013—Terri A. Coleman
1975-1977—Mary B. “Bennie” Lightner2013-2014—Carri N. Casserino
1977-1979—Eula T. M. Warner2014-2016—Susan Wight
1979-1981—Marguerite S. Hutchinson2016-2018—Susannah Harding
1981-1983—Clara C. Parham2018-2020—Sandra Hodges
1983-1985—Judith L. Lindsay2020-2022—Kecia Brown
2022-2023—Nancy Watford